Digital Omsk

Since 2010 Omsk City Authorities use electronic document management system connected to a similar system of Omsk Region Government.

Modern official web site of the city on includes versions in English, German and Chinese. In September, 2014, this site won first prize in Focusing on City People category of Russia-Wide City Official Web Resources Contest. In March, 2015, it hit the top 10 of City Openness ranking, wherein independent experts evaluated official web sites of 171 cities of Russia with population of over 100,000.

More than 70 municipal services are offered online and offline using one stop principle. City official web site is a place where one can join a kindergarten, request information from city archives and book 10 various certificates relating property matters, housing policy and urban planning.

Archival records in Omsk can be requested online

Archival records in Omsk can be requested online

Omsk proudly presents My House and My Route information systems popular with city people.

My House is designed to hold various types of data concerning Omsk high-rise residence buildings. Facility managers can use the system to make public such data as minutes of general meeting, book-keeping reports, operating budgets etc.

Local Duty Dispatcher Service use My House to store information about vital shutdowns of gas, heat, electricity, hot and cold water all over the city. Every shutdown is marked on the map with it’s cause and estimated time of repairing.

My Route is a real-time map-based transport monitoring system. Key feature is the arrival time forecasting for every bus stop and every bus, trolley or tram on the route. Forecasting is nonscheduled: it is given according to the current unit location and the history of a certain route passing time.

My Route mobile application in use

My Route mobile application in use

System is released for PC and smartphones on iOS, Android and Windows. In 2014 My Route iOS-version was ranked by web portal Travel.Ru and joined top 10 of the best travel applications in Russia.

After school is intended for parents and children: here they will find all the project groups, classes and courses of Omsk. The site offers convenient classes selection mechanisms, whether by age, hobby type or proximity to entered address..

In May 2016 the Project was recognized as the best in the nomination «IT in Education" at PROF-IT, All-Russian competition of the regional and municipal information projects..

A new web site of municipal Business Support Center was put into service in 2014 focusing on valuable information for businesspeople—especially the assistance on the part of local authorities. This site provides powerful tools for everyone who is looking for investors or business partners. Site is also a platform where businesspeople can get an advice or expert opinion.

Everyone can fill in a form online searching for partners or investors

Searching for partners or investors, everyone can fill in a form online for free