Investment Attractiveness

Omsk investment attractiveness is a combination of several factors:

International event in Omsk exhibition center

International event in Omsk exhibition center

Fixed investments in 2015 was 85.6 billion rubles (91.5% to 2014 in comparable prices).

The stimulation of investment attractiveness in Omsk is a project-based process:

  • all efforts are focused on projects built on city specific features;
  • current tasks completion is of no less importance than the completion of long-term tasks—as it results in real economy progress, job creation and new quality of urban living.

Fixed Investments Trends in 2015–2019


Investments in fixed assets by major and medium-sized organizations of Omsk by financing source, billions of rubles

Indicator 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Investments in fixed assets by major and medium-sized organizations of Omsk, total64,457,754,459,872,3
— own funds23,832,134,046,961,4
— attracted funds40,625,620,312,910,9
— with budgetary funds8,713,46,13,23,7
— federal budget6,010,73,62,01,7
— budgets of federal subjects of the Russian Federation2,01,61,70,71,7
— local budget0,71,20,90,50,3

Structure of investments into fixed capital by kinds of economic activities in 2015, %

Excluding small business. Please find the long titles of indicators in a table below.

Indicator %
Manufacturing industry42.0
Electrical energy, gas and water generation and distribution9.0
Building industry5.2
Wholesale and retail trade, repair of cars, motorcycles, home appliances and personal demand items2.0
Transport and communications21.0
Real estate activities, rent and service delivery8.4
State management, provision of military security, compulsory human services7.0
Other types of activities5.3

Advance factory facilities on Siberian Equipment and Systems enterprise, Omsk

Advance factory facilities on Siberian Equipment and Systems enterprise