Theaters and Concert Halls

Drama Theater

The jewel of the city is Omsk Drama Theater set up in 1874. It is known to be a building of austere elegance and refined lines. A sculpture of Winged Genius (by V. Vinkler) decorating the pediment makes the building peculiar.

Omsk Academic Drama Theater

Omsk Academic Drama Theater

In 1983 the Drama Theater was awarded the title Academic. The theater was awarded the RSFSR Stanislavsky State Prize twice. Since 1997, Omsk Drama Theater has won awards at National Theater Festival “Golden Mask” several times. Its company is considered to be one of the best in our country.

Puppet Theater

One of the oldest children’s theaters in Russia is Omsk State Puppet Theater “Harlequin” founded in April of 1936. Its repertoire includes numerous stagings of plays for people of all ages. Performances of the theater have won prizes at Russian and International Festivals.

Omsk State Puppet Theater «Harlequin»

Omsk State Puppet Theater “Harlequin”

In 2005 the theater moved into a new modern building which is distinctive from an architectural and technical point of view. It’s furnished with the newest processing equipment. There one can find a winter garden, a fountain and a puppet museum with exhibits from different Russian regions. In June 2009 a column made of stainless steel and brass was dedicated at the square near the theater. The column is crowned with a sculpture of Harlequin with a glove puppet “Petrushka” in his hands, which is a symbol of the theater.

Lyceum Theater

Lyceum Theater founded in 1994 is considered to be a unique municipal drama theater.

Neither honored artists nor people’s artists are in its company. All actors performing on stage are children of various ages. Performances of the Lyceum Theater appear like a creative laboratory where words and motion are imbued with feelings and thoughts of people who are in an early stage of their lives, thus they provide an unpredictable, nontrivial and fresh performance.

Scene of a play « Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland» based on the novel by Lewis Carroll

Scene of a play “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” based on the novel by Lewis Carroll

The building of Lyceum Theater resembles a fairy-tale palace. Inside there is a small comfortable stage, an audience hall for 75 seats with a balcony ornamented with a bas-relief, marble stairs veneered with oak, a nice literature-musical saloon gleefully decorated with pure white tiles. Visiting the theater and admiring all that beauty, the visitor has a sense of a truly special event.

Omsk Philharmonic

Omsk Philharmonic organizes concerts for resident and non-resident singers, dancers and groups in city concert hall. Mission of this institution is to promote the world’s most famous classic and folk music as well as the best compositions of Omsk musicians. Above all, Omsk Philharmonic carries out many educational events for children and teenagers.

Leading dancer — Omsk State Ensemble of Russian Folk Singing and Dancing

Leading dancer — Omsk State Ensemble of Russian Folk Singing and Dancing

In the building of the former cinema “Crystal-Palace” and hotel “Russia” there is Omsk Organ Music Hall. It’s believed to be one of the best in Russia. Having perfect acoustic characteristics, it attracts many outstanding organists and the best chamber groups from all over the world.

Omsk Organ Music Hall

Omsk Organ Music Hall

Music Theater

Omsk State Music Theater gave it’s first show in 1946 with a company of another theater evacuated from Stalingrad during the Great Patriotic War. In 1981 Music Theater moved to a new building that is considered to be one of the most famous landmarks in Omsk.

Omsk State Music Theater

Omsk State Music Theater, panoramic view

Nowadays Music Theater is one of the biggest in Siberia. It’s repertory consists of more than 50 plays: operas, operettas, musicals, ballets and special music shows for the children. Very often Omsk Theater gives performances on a tour in Russia and other countries.