Investment Projects in recent years

Production Facilities

Newly built milk processing factory in Omsk

Newly built milk processing factory

1.JSC "Omsk Electromechanical Plant" has begun the implementation of a project for hot-dip galvanizing of small-sized metal structures
2.JSC "Gazpromneft-ONPZ" (Omsk Oil Refinery) has started preparing the site for the construction of a complex for production of catalysts
3.Russia’s biggest engine oil mixing and filling line owned by Omsk Lubricants Plant of Gazpromneft, PJSC (second stage)
4.Radio electronics technological cluster based on Omsk Research Institute of Professional Equipment (first stage)
5.New large-panel construction line on Omsk Integrated Plant of Structural Units
6.New milk processing factory of Milkom, LLC, Luzhaikino trade mark (first stage)
7.Sturgeons fish farm owned by Borodino, LLC (first stage)
8.Pushkinsky Fodder Plant
9.Sewing shop Enisei-Service, CJSC

Retail and Office Centers

One of the new retail and office centers in Omsk

One of the new retail and office centers in Omsk

Facility Total floor space, sq m
Kvadro Trade Center10
Exhibition, retail and hotel complex owned by Kontinent Trade Center, CJSC56.9
Pyatyorochka Supermarkets (59 facilities)29.5
Business complex “At Gagarina” (14, Gagarina St.)20.7
Leroy Merlin Trade Center, Amur (21/1, 21 Amurskaya St.)1.8
Magnit Supermarkets (15 facilities)9.0

Sports and Recreation Centers

Sports mini-park opening ceremony in Omsk

Sports mini-park opening ceremony

Facility Investments, million rubles
Cycle race track meeting all Olympic standards with 112 rooms including fitness hall, Paralympic fencing hall, massage and first aid rooms 
Omsk Star national-scale tennis center40
Sports mini-park in Sovetskiy park with professional volleyball court, 16 multigyms and children’s playground15
Indoor rink with artificial ice on Barkhatova St., Sovetsky administrative district of Omsk220.6

Educational Facilities

New kindergarten in Omsk

New kindergarten in Omsk

Facility Properties
Kindergarten at Lisitzky St.Area: 2.62 thousand sq. m. Capacity: 101 people
Kindergarten in Tsentralny Administrative DistrictArea: 9,23 thousand sq m. Capacity: 310 people
Kindergarten at 80, 22 Rabochaya St. (on the territory of School No. 138)Area: 2.62 thousand sq. m. Capacity: 101 people
Kindergarten in microdistrict No. 5Area: 6,400 sq m. Capacity: 310 people. Facilities: first aid room, food unit, gym, events hall
Kindergarten in Pribrezhniy microdistrictArea: 7,100 sq m. Capacity: 310 people
Kindergarten No. 301 on Dianova StreetCapacity: 110 people. Two-storeyed building is designed to be accessed by people with special needs
School with kindergarten on Arkhitektorov BoulevardSchool capacity: 550 people; kindergarten capacity: 80 people
Kindergarten in the residential district “Kristall-2”Designed capacity: 310 places, total area: 7,05 sq.m.
Kindergarten at Melnichnaya St.Area: 5,02 sq.m. Designed capacity: 310 places. Two-story building
School in microdistrict No. 5School’s designed capacity: 550 places
Extension to the school building No. 55 at 4, Melnichnaya St. to build kindergartenArea: 1,99 thousand sq m. Capacity: 100 people
Extension to the school building No. 149 at 3, Zarechny Boulevard, to build kindergartenArea: 1,99 thousand sq m. Capacity: 100 people
Extension to the school building No. 99 at 12, Molodova St. to build kindergartenArea: 1,99 thousand sq m. Capacity: 100 people
Extension to the school building No. 107 at 6a, Sibirsky avenue to build kindergartenArea: 1,79 thousand sq m. Capacity: 100 people
Extension to the school building No. 161 in Vkhodnoy microdistrict to build kindergartenArea: 2,16 thousand sq m. Capacity: 100 people

Culture Facilities

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Omsk Fortress buildings after reconstruction

As part of the project "Development of the cultural and historical public complex"Omsk Fortress".

Reconstruction of the complex of buildings on the territory of the cultural and historical complex "Omsk Fortress" in 2017, the reconstruction of six following buildings was completed:

1. Arsenal (1845-1860).

2. Kitchen and dining room of Omsk reserve battalion.

3. Engineering workshop (1843).

4. Zeikhgauz (1832).

5. Army Barracks (1823)

6. Barracks of Disciplinary Troops (1833).

Engineering and Transportation Infrastructure

Walikhanova Street reconstruction, Omsk

Walikhanova Street reconstruction

Street named after Shoqan Walikhanov went through a total reconstruction of more than 20,000 sq m of pedestrian area, lawns, parking spaces and adjacent runways. 17 buildings were repaired—including 7 buildings of cultural value. 3.5 km of gas, water and hot water pipelines were renovated as well as 7 km of lawn watering system pipes. 130 additional items of building and street lightning were put into operation. 135 km of communication network were laid—including 81 km of fiber optic. Finally the street was planted with 117 large-sized trees, 347 bushes, 200 ornamental plants and more than 4,000 flowers.

Walikhanova Street nowadays, Omsk

Walikhanova Street nowadays

Completed work: improvement works in Lenina St., starting from Partizanskaya Street to Pobedy Square and in the joint areas. Scope of completed work: relaying of engineering networks of resource providers, telephone networks and storm drainage facilities; tree cutting and replanting; installation of granite-faced pavement; pebble paths and running tracks in Dzerzhinsky park; facade repairs, installation of cables and lamps; reconstruction of the underground walkway, supporting walls and staircases. Also completed: green planting works and installation of hardscape elements.

Improvement works in Lenina St. in Omsk

Improvement works in Lenina St. from Partizanskaya Street to Pobedy Square and in the joint areas

Reconstruction of the Jubilee Bridge was completed. Construction and installation works have been completed, metal spans of the bridge have been painted, lines of outdoor lighting and decorative lighting have been mounted, roadway and sidewalks have been asphalted.

The Jubilee Bridge Reconstruction

The Jubilee Bridge Reconstruction

Facility Investments, million rubles
Reconstruction of the motorway along Andrianova St.109.7
Modernization and construction of the motorway along 21-ya Amurskaya St./Zavertyaeva St., starting from the flying junction over the railway lines to Donetskaya St.294.8
Construction of a traffic intersection crossing 15-ya Rabochaya St. and Khabarovskaya St. with construction of an overpass across the railway tracks737.45
Construction of motorways to the facilities of "Biotechnological complex of Titan-Agro, LLC in the northern industrial center of the city of Omsk in the Krasnoyarsk tract area, Gubkin Ave.9.7
Construction of the collecting pipe starting from 16-ya Liniya St. to Petra Osminina St.293.9
Construction of facilities for reuse of washing water of Leninsky effluent treatment plant of Omsk214.4
Construction of electric distribution networks (10 kV) in the territory of Omsk. Construction of electrical supply networks for the residential areas of Arkhitektorov Blvd.;41.8
Construction of off-site networks in the area of Zavertyaeva St. for the comprehensive development of the territory263.7
Construction of a closed storm sewage system with treatment facilities along Zavertyaev St.768.7


Ryabinovka microdistrict in Omsk

Ryabinovka microdistrict

Facility Properties
Ryabinovka microdistrict23 low-rise multifamily houses. Total area: 9,990 sq m
Amurskiy-2 microdistrict9 high-rise residence buildings
Pribrezhniy microdistrict16 residence buildings with the number of floors from 9 to 15. Apartments are offered with floor area from 30 to 118 sq m
Moskovka-2 residential areaFirst construction stage was completed in the fourth quarter of 2014. It is planned to construct totally 9 residence buildings and 1 kindergarten in this area
Residential buildings constructed under the Subprogram "Resettlement of Citizens from Emergency Residential Stock"17 multi-apartment residential buildings, including: 16 buildings at Zavertyaev St. and one building at Barnaulskaya St.