Consumer Market

The consumer market is the most important area of the market economy serving as a social development level indicator for the society, considering that the economic and social components of the national economy are interlinked at this point.

The consumer market is a tool aimed at creating consumer values and meeting the needs of the population; it ensures the normal monetary circulation, creates new jobs for the population, forms the sphere of activity for a great number of organizations and companies, and also directly and indirectly influences the development of other markets.

Omsk concentrates a significant number of trade, catering and consumer services companies, which offer their products and services not only in the city, but also in the nearby municipalities of Omsk Region.

About 20 per cent of all personnel working for the companies and organizations of the city are employed in the sphere of consumer market.

Sales assistant at work in Omsk perfume shop

Sales assistant at work

Omsk retail turnover in 2019 was 130.5 billion rubles.

Omsk Consumer Market in 2012–2016, billion rubles

According to Omskstat.


Omskiy is the oldest of city shopping malls

Omskiy is the oldest of city shopping malls

Currently the largest retail chains operating in Omsk are: “O'Key”, “Auchan”, “Leroy Merlin”, “Ikea”, “Lenta”, “M-Video”, “METRO”, “Pyaterochka”, “Bautsentr”, “Euroset’”, “OBI”, “Magnet”, “Eldorado”, “Sportmaster”, etc. Intraregional retail chains are: “Pobeda”, “Eda!”, “Nizkotsen”, “NovaTor”, etc.

The development of complex shopping centers is in progress. These are “AT-Market”, “Gertsen-Plaza”, “Triumf”, “Mayak”, “Kontinent”, “Flagman”, “Kaskad”, “Evropa”. The developed retail network of various formats resulted in a sufficient level of competition in the city’s trade .

Due to new construction in the city of Omsk the availability of retail areas is growing every year.

As of the end of 2016, the index of retail area availability was 1,301 sq.m per 1000 people, which is 82.7 per cent higher than the minimum required for the city of Omsk.

Food Service

Omsk fast food restaurant Kurochka Ryadom

Omsk fast food restaurant Kurochka Ryadom

The industry of public catering is an intensively developing sphere in the city. Its characteristic feature is the rapid expansion of this network due to emerging new enterprises of all types of ownership, introduction of modern standards and technologies associated with network types of organization. New businesses are notable for enhanced comfort and better customer service, extensive range of products, goods and services.

The fast-food format is booming (e.g., "Kurochka Ryadom", "KFC", "Subway", "Burger King", "McDonalds" and others). New public catering companies are opening, like "Pizza Сut", "Dodo Pizza", diners, etc.

More than 600 public catering companies operate in the city of Omsk. The seating availability in public catering is 34.5 per 1 thousand people. Catering turnover in 2019 amounted up to 3.0 billion rubles.

Non-Manufacturing Business

Cosmetic manipulation in Alina beauty salon, Omsk

Cosmetic manipulation in Alina beauty salon

Servicing the public is of great importance.

The role of the service industry is determined by the fact that it makes a decisive contribution to improving the quality of life. The growing importance of the service industry is determined by change in female employment, life expectancy increase and the growing pace of life. The service industry (hairstyling and cosmetic services, tailoring services, shoe repair, maintenance of household and office equipment, etc.) is a daily companion of city residents.

More than 3,500 service facilities operate in the city of Omsk. However, the service sector does not develop uniformly in all areas. The largest share accounts for hair salons, while dry cleaning and laundries are the least developed.

Day by day the hairdressing business in Omsk is getting more in demand, and the number of hairdressing salons and beauty salons is growing year after year. In total, in Omsk there are more than 700 companies registered as providing hairdressing services.

Providing repair and tailoring/sewing services of clothing/footwear is one of the priority directions in the development of small business in the city of Omsk.

In Omsk, there are more than 500 companies providing services of sewing and repair of fur and leather products, headwear and haberdashery; also repair, sewing and knitwear manufacture (about 300 companies); footwear repair, dyeing and sewing (over 250 companies).

Bath and sauna services are in good demand in Omsk. In total, more than 150 companies engaged in this field operate in the city, of which 17 are municipal companies providing bathing services at affordable prices, with citizens of certain categories entitled to benefits.

The hotel business is a fast-growing service industry. More than 150 hotels operate in the city of Omsk. For obvious reasons most of them are located in the Central Administrative District (historical center with convenient choice of transport routes).

The market of laundry and dry cleaning services is an integral part of the sphere of public services for the population of Omsk. Currently, laundries and dry-cleaning services experience crisis and downturn in production volume due to the high degree of "population self-service".

The volume of paid services in 2019 was 48,5 bln. rub.