Being a highly industrialized city, Omsk is a center of fuel, chemical and petrochemical industry, food production, defense and agricultural engineering.

In 2016, the industrial production index was 97.8%.

The volume of own-produced shipped goods, works and services performed using own resources, by industrial types of economic activity, by large and medium-sized organizations in 2019 amounted to 945,551 mln. rubles

Oil-Refining, Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

Gazpromneft—Omsk Refinery, JSC. One of the leading companies of oil refining in Russia, industry giant with extensive capabilities in engineering and manufacturing.

Omsk Pure Rubber, PJSC, is a top manufacturer of oxygen-containing blending fuel for motor petrol. The company is also good at petrochemical processing and fine organic synthesis.

Omsk Pure Rubber Plant

Omsk Pure Rubber Plant

Poliom, LLC. The plant was built under a license from Basell. World’s best practices are widely used in manufacturing here resulting in almost zero waste production cycles. Plant capacity is 180 thousand tons of polypropylene per year. Product range is 78 brands wide including homo-, stat- and block copolymers.

Omsk Black Carbon Plant, LLC. Being a number one black carbon manufacturer in Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States, company produces more than 30% of Russian black carbon.

Omskshina, PJSC, produces more than 50 dimension-types of radial and bias-ply tyres for trucks, light trucks, buses, trolleys, agricultural and road machinery using trademarks TyRex and Omskshina.

Machinery Manufacturing

Polyot, process plant—filial branch of State Space Research and Production Center named after Mikhail Khrunichev, federal state unitary enterprise, is one of the biggest industrial enterprises in Russia focusing on rocket-and-space and aviation machines, unique hardware for oil producers and energy conservation equipment.

Omsk Engine Plant named after Petr Baranov—filial branch of Salyut, federal state unitary enterprise, produces nodes and components for Sukhoi Su-34, Ilyushin Il-96 and other planes of Sukhoi Company and Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG.

Quality control at the place of production in Omsk

Quality control at the place of production: High-Tech Solutions enterprise

Omsk Engine Design Engineering Bureau, JSC, focuses on development, production and repair of low-sized gas-turbine civilian engines and also ground generating systems, starters and other equipment.

Research and Technology Center of Cryotechniques, LLC, is a forerunner in research, development and production of microcryogenic coolers, vacuum and compressor technique, environment control systems, cryogenic capacitive and refrigerating equipment.

High-Tech Solutions, JSC, produces and repairs components of aviation and rocket equipment.

Electronics Manufacturing

Omsk Process Plant Irtysh, JSC, is the biggest manufacturer of television equipment and radio technical apparatus anywhere from Ural Mountains to Russian Far East. The plant produces fault detection systems, aerodrome homing radio stations, VHF and UHF television broadcasting stations.

Mobile digital relay broadcast station

Mobile digital relay broadcast station produced on Omsk Radio Manufacturing Plant named after Alexander Popov

Omsk Radio Manufacturing Plant named after Alexander Popov, JSC, is a developer and manufacturer of mobile communication packages used for deployment of multi-purpose satellite and wire digital relay communication systems.

Central Automation Design Engineering Bureau, JSC, focuses on developing, manufacturing and upgrading of tail warning systems, passive radar target designation systems, target seekers for certain missiles and automated workflow management systems.

Saturn, PJSC, is a leading enterprise of defense-industrial sector producing onboard and ground-based equipment for missile weapons control systems used by air defense troops.

Innovation Enterprises

Research and Production Enterprise Metromed, LLC, develops and produces medical equipment based on the energy of low-frequency ultrasound, laser radiation, electrical and magnetic fields and highly active chemical groups of substances (ozone).

On the shopfloor in Metromed, Omsk

On the shopfloor in Metromed

Research and Production Enterprise Progress, federal state unitary enterprise, works at the design and manufacturing technology of multi-purpose rubber-cord casings used in transportation, energy engineering and other manufacturing sectors.

Omsk All-Purpose Vehicles, LLC, develops and manufactures various snow and swamp-going vehicles.

PolyTechnoPark and the resource centers of the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education Omsk State Technical University operate in the main areas of industrial development: machine building, petrochemistry and new materials, radio electronics and instrument engineering, power industry, information technology.

Food Industry

SUN InBev Omsk Filial Branch, JSC, is the largest brewing plant anywhere from Ural Mountains to Russian Far East ranking among the first-rate breweries in Europe.

Manros-M, filial branch of Wimm-Bill-Dann, JSC, is the biggest milk processing enterprise in Omsk including 4 plants with aggregate capacity of 720 tons of milk daily. Industrial output is 65,000 tons annually.

Sladonezh, JSC, is a major confectionary plant producing more than 300 different products to be sold in more than 50 regions of Russia and countries of the near abroad.

Alcohol Siberian Group is the largest producer of strong spirits in Russia with more than 40 items in stock including big-name brands Husky, Siberian Treasure, Five Lakes, Kedrovitsa.

Alcohol filling production line, Omsk

Alcohol filling production line

The Mill, JSC, is a leading grist-mill with cutting edge hi-tech equipment producing wheat farina and bran siftings.

Yastro, LLC, is a modern enterprise producing more than 70 types of processed and hard pressed cheese being a top ten company in this market in Russia.

Omsk Pasta Factory, JSC, is the biggest manufacturer of Dobrodeya pasta in Western Siberia with more than 30 various traditional and unique products in stock for low-end and high-end market sectors.

Meat Processing Group Kompur, CJSC, uses closed rendering circuit with cooled meat only. The company produces more than 150 different products.

Filial branch of Unilever Rus, LLC, dominates in ice-cream production and distribution in Russia. Omsk factory manufactures ice-cream of 17 trade names (97 different products).

Khlebodar employees try out for The Best Seller of the Year

Khlebodar employees try out for The Best Seller of the Year

Khlebodar, JSC, is Omsk biggest bakery. Due to private mill and grain storage, the company uses only high-quality all-purpose flour for baked goods.